Where did summer go? Or better yet, did we have a summer?  At least weather-wise, it is as though Mother Nature gave summer a bit of the stink-eye.  Rain, rain and more rain and cooler temperatures and then two weeks of “Egad it’s HOT,” does not a summer make.

But for the housing market in Cincinnati, this summer was Hot, Hot, Hot. It was a fun and busy summer. And now, kids are back to school. 

I know that January 1 is the start of the new year.  But for me, September also seems like the start of a new year. It is a new beginning for kids … new grade in school, new clothes, backpacks and learning experiences.  

It can also be a new beginning for adults.

It is nice to have new beginnings. I don’t think one new beginning a year is enough. That might be part of the reason why I love real estate. It is all about new beginnings.

Moving is about change. Not just the physical change of the house. There are so many changes, or in affect, new beginnings that take place when you move. Some of them are psychological, others are emotional and some are physical.

Moving gives you a chance to reinvent yourself if you desire, tweak things a bit, look at life from a different vantage point, a new perspective.

So, as we get into the fall, watching football games, going for hikes on crisp cool days and eating caramel apples from a local farm market, if you are thinking about moving, we are here to help you make that change.  We will help you with understanding the psychology or buying and selling a home, the emotional aspects, and, of course, the actual home search purchase.

Just as the seasons change, personal change and physical change can be good, too. Look at moving as a new beginning. One that will bring the opportunity to meet new people, look at the world differently, and move forward with your life.  

Sellers …

Get your house spiffed up for the fall market. Look for cobwebs on doors and windows. For some reason, there are a lot of cobwebs in the fall.  Creepy crawlers need to go live somewhere else!

Put the summer “toys” away. Tidy up porches, patios and decks. Use your leaf-blower to remove summer grit and falling leaves. 

Fall is a wonderful decorating time. It is easy to make your house look inviting with a bowl of fresh apples, a nice arrangement of mums and gourds on your porch or table.

Clean up your yard … your summer garden, play areas and window-wells. Cut back or remove dead plants and flowers.

Have some nice cinnamon or apple fragrance in your home to help buyers “feel hospitality” when they look at your home.

Buyers …

Fall is a great time to shop for a house. The dog days of summer are over, vacations are wrapped up and if you play your cards right, you can be in your new home for the holidays.

Look at the bones of the house. Remember that many decorating items are easy fixes. Go into the home with an artist’s eye and envision what the house could be like with your creativity and vision.

Think positively about the change that moving is going to offer you. A new beginning can be a gift. Remember that moving to a new house is moving forward. Bring the good with you and leave things behind that don’t improve the quality of your life.

A bit of Real Estate Fun

I recently heard a story from a friend whose husband goes to a metal detecting club. One of the other members bought a house built in the 1930’s.  At the closing, the sellers gave the buyers all of the keys they had for the doors. The one key they didn’t have was for the front door. 

Being a metal detecting enthusiast, as soon as they moved into the house, the owner decided to metal detect around the house and yard. 

What would be the first thing the owner found buried in the yard?

The key to the front door.

Final Notes 

Julie and I had great summers. With the market hopping, we hopped along with it, working with our buyers and sellers to help them to achieve new beginnings.  It is always our pleasure to listen to our clients. We love to hear about their lives … where they have been, where they hope to go and figure out how we can help them get there.

Part of what we believe we offer our client is the expertise to help them move forward with their lives by finding the house of their dreams or selling the house they live in now. We become emotionally vested in your future. We work to find what is best for you.  Moving is part of many people’s journey through life. 

We appreciate being part of your life and your journey.

All the best,

Tom and Julie